Why Buy A Cestrian? A Commitment to Exceptional Value

Why Buy A Cestrian? A Commitment to Exceptional Value

In the blog we explore the benefits of making your next watch a Cestrian. We discussed our unwavering commitment to customer satisfactions, our British heritage and our ties with an established UK company. We also touch on other alternatives from the likes of Aliexpress and their drawbacks. 

Unmatched Benefits With Every Cestrian Purchase

At Cestrian, we are committed to our mantra, 'Time for the People'. Every decision we make as a brand stands behind these words as we try to create the best possible watches and also buying experiences for our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority. We've carefully reviewed every step in the buying process to remove any friction and make sure that your journey with us is a positive one.

60-Day Returns, Free UK Shipping, and a 2-Year Warranty
When you choose Cestrian, you're not just buying a watch; you're embracing peace of mind. Enjoy the flexibility of a 60-day return policy, ensuring that you can be certain in your decision. Our commitment doesn't stop there—relish the convenience of free shipping within the UK, ensuring your timepiece arrives swiftly and securely. Moreover, all our watches come with a robust 2-year international warranty, a testament to our confidence in the quality and durability of our products.

Proudly British
Cestrian is proud to be a UK brand. This is even evident in our brand name which is derived from the Latin name for Chester, "Deva Cestrianorum," and is typically used to refers to something or someone associated to the city of Chester in England, where the brand was founded. But our roots run deeper. As part of the WatchNation family, Cestrian taps into an established business legacy, benefiting from the expertise of our UK-based customer service team and service center. This unique synergy allows us to provide not only the excitement of a new brand but also the assurance of seasoned professionalism and after-sales support.

Cestrian vs. Aliexpress: Unveiling the True Value

In a market crowded with choices, we understand the allure of seemingly cheaper alternatives. However, every Cestrian watch is more than just an accessory; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to originality, quality, and service. Unlike some platforms that may offer lower prices, Cestrian designs are crafted with originality, subjected to stringent quality control tests, and backed by a warranty and brand you can trust.

Quality Over Quantity
While platforms like Aliexpress may offer an array of options, the real question lies in the trade-off between quantity and quality. Cestrian meticulously curates designs based on years of market analysis, delivering affordable automatic watches that stand out in both style and substance. A watch can act as an extension of your style and personality so make a statement you can stand behind. Join a UK watch brand that is determined to create affordable automatic watches that resonate with our customers, rather than a lacklustre 'homage' watch with no real brand behind it.

Smooth Customer Experience
Shopping with Cestrian eliminates the uncertainty associated with overseas purchases from the likes of China. Our UK-based operations ensure a seamless customer experience, from purchase to delivery and beyond. Should you need assistance, our dedicated customer service team is just a call or email away.

Time for the People
In a world where there seems to me endless choices, Cestrian stands apart by offering more than just watches. We offer a commitment to your satisfaction, a celebration of British heritage, and a dedication to providing affordable automatic watches that you'll be proud to own. Welcome to the Cestrian family—where quality meets affordability.