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Time For The People

Luxury is an ever-present concept within timekeeping. It is flushed through advertising campaigns, dotted across an in-store salesperson’s selling routine, and, if industry conventions are to be believed, is a by-word for quality. 


But what if we were to challenge these preconceptions and wrestle back the idea of luxury, taking it from a universal standard to what is truly is: deeply personal and inherently subjective.

From this vision, Cestrian was born. Exclusivity is our enemy. For far too long, the established elites within watchmaking have kept high-quality craftsmanship and what is deemed luxury locked away beyond extortionate pricing. Such practices must come to an end and that starts with Cestrian. 

Backed by 60 years of retail experience and UK-based, this mantra to shake up the industry has translated into a ceaseless passion for crafting the best possible watches at the best possible prices. The result is watches that are for everyone, designed to appeal to the seasoned collector and casual wearer alike, with the features and looks to match. 

Our founders are true watch enthusiasts, believing automatic timepieces to be the purest expression of the watchmaker’s art, the quintessential blend between precision engineering and sleek, typically British styling. This personal passion touches every aspect of Cestrian, ensuring that we always put watches, and our customers’ needs, first.

This has delivered an approach to watchmaking that does away with paying a premium for a badge - instead Cestrian asks you to define your own luxury.

Established Doesn’t Always Mean Best

Our Inspiration

What inspired us to disrupt industry norms, challenge what’s already in place, shake up existing hierarchies and notions? Because we believe the gatekeeping of watches needs to stop, using our decades of industry knowledge to separate what is advancing the watchmaker’s art from barely noticeable additions wrapped up in slick advertising campaigns.

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Bringing Our Vision to Life

Such a bold and exciting approach could never be realised alone. Our search for a partner was meticulous, eventually resulting in the selection of a skilled design studio, who brought to the table 35 years of expertise in timepiece design, with this built on the unique blend of British heritage with Swiss sensibilities. They matched our commitment to perfecting the watchmaker’s art at every turn, leading to in-depth design meetings and the bespoke creation of several components. This was then matched by a superb manufacturing process and supply base.


The following two years were spent refining the Cestrian founding principles into watch form, an arduous and often challenging process that led to the creation of the first two Cestrian collections: The Dive and The Master.

No detail was considered too small to agonise over - is the lume on the dials correct, what is the reliability of the automatic movement, do we want the crown to sit there? For design, we found ourselves repeatedly drawn to the classics, defined by their clean lines and timeless appeal. 

Only then did we feel comfortable launching the first Cestrian watches. From here, our vision is only set to expand.

Cestrian Dive Series V2 Lifestyle

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