What is an Automatic Watch?

What is an Automatic Watch?

What sets automatic watches apart from their battery-powered or quartz counterparts? In this blog, we'll dive into the fascinating world of automatic watches. We will explore what makes them tick, why they're favourite by enthusiasts and why all Cestrian Watches are powered by them.
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The Basics: What is an Automatic Watch?

Rather than being powered by batteries, like quartz watches, an automatic watch is powered by movement or by manually winding the watch.

A Closer Look: How Do Automatic Watches Work?

At the heart of an automatic watch is a complex and intricate mechanism. Let's break it down in a simple guide:

  1. Wrist Movement Powers It: When you wear an automatic watch, the movement of your wrist causes a small part inside the watch called the rotor to move.
  2. Rotor Swings Back and Forth: The rotor is like a tiny pendulum. As you move your wrist, it swings back and forth.
  3. Energy Transfer: When the rotor moves, it transfers energy to a tiny spring called the mainspring.
  4. Energy Storage: The mainspring stores the energy it gets from the rotor. It's like a little energy tank.
  5. Energy Release: The stored energy is released slowly, making the watch's hands move. It's like how a spring in a toy car makes it go.
  6. Telling Time: The gears and springs inside the watch work together to make the hands on the watch face move, showing you the time.
  7. Continuous Operation: As long as you wear the watch or keep it moving, it will keep running without needing a battery or manual winding.

Why Choose an Automatic Watch?

Automatic watches are the movement of chose for many people for several reasons. Below are some common reasons why you may pick an automatic watch.

  1. Quality & Durability: If cared for properly, well made automatic watches can last generations.
  2. No Battery: As automatic watches are powered by movement, you will never have to worry about changing or charging a battery.
  3. Mechanical Marvel: Many people appreciate the beauty of mechanical objects. There's something special about knowing that your watch is being powered and keeping time thanks to precise movement of gears and springs.
  4. Craftsmanship: Due to their mechanical nature and long lifespan, automatic watches are often considered a fine piece of jewellery.

Drawbacks of an Automatic Watch?

There are plenty of reasons as to why automatic watches are typically favourited by enthusiast and premium brands alike, but they don't come without their drawbacks.

  1. Accuracy: Due to their mechanical nature, automatic watches are typicaly less accurate than quartz watches. All Cestrian watches use the trusted Seiko NH35 movement which has a tolerance of -20 to + 40 seconds a day.
  2. Requires Wearing: As they don't rely on a battery, automatic watches require regular wear or winding to keep running. If left unworn for an extended period of time, the watch may stop, requiring to be manually wound or gentely shaken to charge it up.

All Cestrian watches exclusively utilise automatic movements. We firmly stand by the notion that the craftsmanship, mechanical ingenuity, reliability, and timeless allure of automatic watches surpass any other alternative. Battery-powered quartz watches do not align with our vision, and thus we remain committed to the excellence of automatic watches.

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