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Our Story

Founded in 2021, Cestrian was born out of a belief that over the last few decades, quality has become synonymous with luxury and high prices, leaving entry-level watch enthusiasts behind. So we thought it was time to challenge and counteract the idea of exclusion associated with this belief. Cestrian's mission is to deliver the best quality and value, hence our strapline ‘Time for the People’. We engineer our watches to the best quality at their price point. Our watches are designed in London, working with a highly reputable design agency, and our collaboration with top factories in the Far East is transparent.


We aim to reduce the supply chain and provide direct-to-consumer service by offering a fully operational UK-based customer support team and service centre. This allows us to fully support our two-year manufacturer's warranty, which gives our customers that additional level of confidence in our products. Our focus has always been on customer reviews, exceptional service, and word-of-mouth, rather than extensive marketing. We're here to challenge the norms in the watch industry and reshape perceptions.

As we expand our range and complications, we remain committed to affordability and quality. Our business mantra revolves around disrupting the industry, changing perceptions, and building a customer base in the entry-level affordable space.

What Makes Us Different?

Exceeding Expectations in Value

Our watches showcase a commitment to offering the best possible watch at our price point. Our watches are crafted from 316L grade stainless steel and feature sapphire crystal glass, 200 or 300 metres water resistance, ceramic bezel (Dive Series only), and a Japanese-made Seiko NH35 automatic movement.

2 Year International Warranty

Believing in the quality of our watches, each Cestrian is accompanied by a full two-year manufacturer's warranty. It's not just a guarantee; it's a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products, offering you genuine peace of mind.

We Listen To Our Community

We believe in the power of listening, learning, and constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve taken every comment, critique, and suggestion from our valued community onboard. We’ve challenged ourselves to go above and beyond, continually raising the bar in every aspect of our watches.

Our Journey

A Lifelong Affair

Our journey began out of our founder’s experience as a director at WatchNation, a business incorporated over seven years ago on the back of a lifelong affair with automatic watches. This allowed us to use our insights into the market to see what was missing.

Our Ethos

At Cestrian, we believe that quality should be accessible to everyone. In an industry where the prevailing notion links quality with a hefty price tag, we believe that this exclusivity is unnecessary. The watch industry, dominated by big brands, often dictates that quality comes at a premium, leaving entry-level watch enthusiasts behind. 

Redefining Perceptions

We aim to challenge the status quo and redefine the relationship between quality and affordability. We offer products that exceed their price points in terms of craftsmanship and durability. We believe in providing a gateway for watch enthusiasts to experience quality automatic watches without breaking the bank.
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Challenging Industry Norms

Our commitment to challenging industry norms goes hand in hand with our dedication to delivering time back to the people. Through our well-crafted and affordable automatic watches, we empower individuals to embrace quality without compromise. Join us in challenging the entrenched beliefs of the watch industry and experience the freedom of owning a timepiece that not only keeps pace with time but also redefines what quality truly means.

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