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Cestrian is set up to serve only two things: what customers want and delivering the best value watches possible. To do so, we have limited avoidable costs at every turn, meaning we have the maximum amount available to invest into perfecting and expanding our range of watches.

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Field Series

The Field Series is built with precision and durability in mind, our field watch is engineered to endure whatever challenges life throws your way.


Dive Series V2

The Dive Series V2 brings top-tier specifications with a versatile design together to create a dive watch that inspires deep confidence.


Master Series V2

Designed to accompany you wherever you may go and whatever you may do, the Master Series V2 is the ultimate GADA (Go Anywhere, Do Anything) watch, making it a quintessential daily wearer.

Cestrian Field Series Watch Lifestyle Blue


Field Series

Robust, reliable and accurate, the Cestrian Field Series encourages each of us to release our adventurous spirit. Whether you're trekking through the wilderness or navigating the urban jungle, this watch can handle it all. It's ready to conquer any terrain and stand the test of time.

Military Inspired Precision

The Field Series provides clear visibility and effective timekeeping with a military-inspired dial featuring striking painted Arabic numerals, a 12/24-hour format, a date display, and a prominent split-seconds scale. Enhanced by C3 Super-LumiNova paint on the hour markers and handset, the dial ensures readability from day to night.

Robust & Ready

Useful and practical, it features a fully-brushed stainless steel bracelet that contours around the wrist to ensure maximum comfort. The 200 metres water resistance is achieved through a solid etched caseback and a screw-down crown. The sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating, minimising glare and allowing unfettered visibility and legibility. The Cestrian Field watch is an essential for those who value durability, functionality, and a classic design suitable for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Embrace The Depths Of Time

Dive Series V2

The Dive Series V2 builds upon its predecessor by incorporating customer feedback, allowing us to make the necessary changes to deliver a watch that exceeds the demands of even the most discerning adventurers.
#colour_Black Dial / Black Bezel

Exploration Without Limits

The Dive Series V2 features a ceramic bezel with 120-click and uni-directional movement. This material is favoured by brands like Rolex for its remarkable resistance against corrosion and scratching. The C-3 SuperLumiNova display enhances visibility in low-light conditions, a crucial feature for divers. The luminescent material emits a green glow, applied to the hour markers, the handset, and the 12 o'clock marker on the bezel.

Discover The V2 Changes

To achieve a water resistance of 300 metres, we replaced the exhibition caseback with a solid etched caseback, and we introduced an updated embossed screw-down crown in order to reach the next level of improved functionality.

Paying attention to every detail, the Dive Series V2 introduces a fully brushed bracelet, adding a touch of rugged sophistication for both aesthetic and functional improvement. Enhanced legibility on the dial is achieved through a 0.25x enlargement of the text, ensuring quick and reliable readings to prevent any confusion underwater. Each improvement contributes to enhancing the watch's performance, durability, and visual appeal.

Go Anywhere, do anything

Master Series V2

The Master Series V2 was crafted to handle anything from snorkelling to the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, while always keeping accurate time. Its design pays homage to that of a classic dress watch blending timeless designs with modern functionality.
#colour_Black Dial

Master Your Journey

Everything about the Master Series V2 is kept simple; from the smooth, polished bezel to the brushed case and fully brushed, 3-link oyster bracelet, nothing detracts from the versatile and functional design that characterises its appeal. However, what distinguishes the Master Series V2 from its counterparts is its enhanced 200 metres water resistance - a feature rarely found within its price range.

Discover The V2 Changes

One key technical improvement from V1 to V2 was doubling the water resistance from 100 to 200 metres. This upgrade aims to inspire another level of confidence, enabling your watch to accompany you on journeys into new depths and enhancing the rugged, all-purpose nature of the series.

After inviting feedback from customers following the initial release of Master Series V1, we received divided opinions on the design of the V1 crown. In response, we upgraded to a new screw-down crown that features a traditional embossed logo design, and the abilbility to achieve 200 metres of water resistance. To accomplish this, we replaced the exhibition case back on V1 with a closed etched caseback. The combination of the two guarantees a secure and watertight seal, allowing for a new level of improved functionality.

The Master Series V2 is also made more wearable through additional micro adjustments and the introduction of a fully brushed stainless steel bracelet. These changes were made to offer greater all-round capability and reliability. The Master Series V2 offers enhanced legibility on the dial, as the text has been enlarged by 0.25x. This subtle improvement enhances the overall dial aesthetics, allowing for effortless timekeeping at a glance. Each improvement looks to redefine the standards of affordable watches, captivating enthusiasts and general buyers alike.